What the reasons affect the quality of curbstone molds?


The performance of molds’ materials are the main reasons, the curbstone molds materials must be meet the requirement of molds.

For example, the corrosion resistance is the main requirements, so you need to choose the best PP materials for the curbstones. The plastics have the low cost, and easy to form, and the quality is good.

Even you choose the cheap steel for curbstone molds, but can not ensure the quality of molds. So according to the reasons above, the PP curbstone molds are the best materials for molds.

The design and processing of curbstone molds also affect the quality of molds. Such as the mold shape, mold thickness, the molds processing technic, demoulding method.

Plastic injection system, From the nozzle of Injection molding machine to the cavity, all the reasons can be affected the quality of molds.

Plastics shrinkage and the mold size can affect the dimensional accuracy of molds, such as mold manufacturing and assembly errors, molds wear and so on. In addition, when designing compression molds and injection molds, the matching of the process and structural parameters of the molding machine should also be considered. Computer-aided design technology has been widely used in the design of plastic molds.