How To Use Plastic Concrete Mould?

  1. The site must be leveled when placing the prefabricated parts.
  2. You must brush release agent before using plastic mold.
  3. The temperature cannot be lower than 1 ℃.
  4. When demoulding, please choose wooden hammer or plastic hammer, then tap the mold lightly, ensure the mold cannot be damaged
  5. The mold must be arranged neatly to prevent deformation.
  6. The vibration platform should be cleaned regularly and kept flat.
  7. Prefabricated components must be covered with sacks or straw bags or shade nets when the temperature is high in summer, to prevent the prefabricated parts split.
  8. When the cement on the mold is not well cleaned, it is forbidden to clean it with iron tools. It is recommended to dilute with dilute hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid, and then clean it with a soft cloth.

Please use the plastic molds in the correct way. To make sure the concrete product is high quality.