What Is The Reason For Causing The Difficulty Of Demoulding?

When people producing the curbstone from plastic molds, it is also difficulty for demoulding, can cause the curbstone broken. How to avoid the difficulty of demoulding?

First, we need to know what is the reason lead to the difficulty of demould?

  1. The concrete ration is not correct
  2. The release agent is not used correctly before pouring concrete.
  3. The time of steaming process it too long, and the temperature is too high or too low.

All the reason above can affect the appearance of curbstone and demould.

The correct method for curbstone making.

The cement need 100kg, sand need 200kg, brightener need 5kg, and water need 25kg. the ration is cement:sand:brightener:water=20:40:1:5.

Then put them into mixer. After mixing , put the correct ratio of concrete into plastic curbstone mould, then to vibrate 15-30s by vibration platform. In the next step, we need conserve the curbstone mold, avoid sun exposure and wind blow as much as possible, It is better to release the mold for 1-3 days depending on temperature and environment.

The correct using release agent.

There are many kinds of mold release agents, including silicon mold release agents, fluorine release agents, wax (oil) release agents, surfactant release agents, other types of release agents, and internal release agents. More than six kinds of mold agents. Most of the customers are using waste engine oil or diesel as release agent, the price is kecheap, the effect is more better, do not damage the plastic mold.

If you choose the correct ways to produce curbstone, the curbstone will be easy to form. And you can get the high quality of curbstone.

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